projectThe Final Open Studio in Weihailu696

“绿野仙踪之696” 威海路696艺术区最后开放展



The Final Open Studio in Weihailu696

Open Date&Hours: 2011/4/30 (sat) 14:00-21:00

Address: Office339
中国上海市威海路696号1号楼106室(近陕西北路) 邮编200041

因而,4/30,我们将举办威海路696号艺术家开放展活动 — “绿野仙踪之696”。

We regret to inform you that everyone in Weihai Road 696 has to leave on 20 May 2011.

We thank you for what you have done for us and look forward to even better relations with you in the future.

In the Summer of 2006 a small artists colony took over the abandoned premises of an old opium den, later turned into a factory, in downtown Shanghai. Now around 40 diverse practioners have built functioning workshops in the building. 696 Weihai Road has a very diverse mix of inhabitants, including painters, sculptors, dancers, singers, bands, film directors, photographers , actors, arts activists, journalists, fashion designers, professional travelers, an underwear designer, child arts specialists, a wedding photography team, a foreign martial arts master, an animation company, an outdoor clothing and gear shop, architects, and also a few experimental gallery spaces.

We will open our space on April 30th and exhibit our artist’s works, show artist performance and sell limited artists goods.
Free soft drink and wine will be prepared, please drop by and enjoy our art and conversation with artists.

New location and more details will be announced later.





Offce339ではこの度、4月30日”Office339 Open Studio”としてスタジオを開放し、取扱アーティストの作品の展示を致します。また、その他のアトリエも同時に開放されます。


project - The Final Open Studio in Weihailu696