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SWFC LED Urban Sculpture Project


Date: 2013/10/25 - 11/10
Venue: SWFC外墙 LED 照明装置 / Building Exterior LED Lights

Artists: 丁乙 Ding Yi, Greenhouse Core, 南孝俊 Nam HyoJun 
Curator: 鳥本健太 Kenta Torimoto


Light up Shanghai skyscraper with three masterpieces from three artists on the SWFC LED screen-tower. We would like to celebrate the anniversary of this building on its LED projection in the town. Three artists are invited to create their LED art by using SWFC tower as the medium to display their stories. You are also invited to join and be a part of the show for the whole 17 nights in Shanghai.

无穷升 Infinity

丁乙 Ding Yi  
10.25–10.29 18:00 -23:00


Titled Infinity, the work appears in the midst of the dense social and economic tissue that makes up the heart of Shanghai City. LED Light streams rapidly spread, intersect, expand and evolve above the moving stage. The endless changes born out of crosses, together with the sense of speed created by acceleration of switches on color and flashing frequency, compose an abstract inverted image of the city.


Greenhouse Core  
10.30–11. 3  18:00 -23:00



Occasionally one's skin can be changed to blend in and seem invisible against the surrounding environment. For this special occasion, SWFC will signal its physical and virtual appearance as it has never been done before. 

For SWFC's Fifth Anniversary we want to celebrate this landmark as the iconic feature of Shanghai's Contemporary skyline, highlighting its great presence with a site-specific installation of color kinetics. UNMIMETIC DAYS also offers an invitation for the public to participate in an adventure and reveal and experience a new perspective of SWFC's character through Augmented Reality. 

万人彩虹 10,000 faces over the rainbow

南孝俊 Nam HyoJun 
11.  4–11.10  18:00 -23:00


Images of 10,000 SWFC visitors will be taken, transformed into Nam HyoJun’s “Filtered Portrait” style, and projected on the LED surface of the building. Faces of SWFC visitors will be shown as a part of the building for 12 second. Everyone will have an equal chance of being transformed and being a part of an abstract art piece. In this only time everyone will be famous for 12 second.

10.21-11. 6  11:00-18:00

4,在11月4号-11月10号间 12秒时间在SWFC外墙LED照明装置上会投影你的照片

Limited shooting of 10,000 faces of people!
From 21st October - 6th November 11:00–18:00

1.Go to SWFC 2F event circle and shoot your portrait at the special photo booth.
2.After shooting, you can get your image ID.
3.Follow SWFC official Weixin.
4.Your portrait will be displayed 12 seconds on SWFC Building Exterior LED Lights during 4th Nov – 10th Nov (only once). 
*The display schedule will be informed through SWFC official Weixin.