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Shanghai World Financial Center 3rd Anniversary Art Project



Duration: 2011/10/29 - 11/13
Venue: 上海环球金融中心 Shanghai World Financial Center

    海上荟 Shanghai Gallery Selection

    海上荟 Shanghai Gallery Selection


在这样的形势下,我们想通过城市重要的标志性建筑—上海环球金融中心向大家传递出具有求心力的“文化”信息 ,因此,我们策划・实施了这个具有挑战性的艺术项目。

三个艺术项目分别为:由上海17家画廊联合出展的现代艺术展览会“海上荟 Shanghai Gallery Selection”;谁都可以参与,谁都有机会用金钱以外的任何东西交换得到艺术作品的,由中国年轻艺术家的试验性艺术博览会“贝壳经济 Shell Economics”;与小朋友们一起现场完成一幅巨型绘画的互动艺术活动“龙门蓝 Live Painting at SWFC家庭花园”。


  贝壳经济 Shell Economics 

  贝壳经济 Shell Economics 

Office339 is held following three art events celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) on 29th Oct. to 13th Nov 2011.

The Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), is located in the Pudong district which is a symbol of Shanghai’s economic growth. It is also currently the tallest building in mainland China. On the other hand, in the Pudong district, there are only a few cultural facilities and not many cultural events were hold until today.

In this situation, we have managed to carry out this challenging project that aimed to spread “culture” with centripetal force from the Shanghai World Financial Center which as a important landmark in the city.

The high quality exhibition “海上荟 Shanghai Gallery Selection” was held by 17 best Shanghai galleries; The art fair “贝壳经济 Shell Economics” supported by Chinese young artists where the participants can exchange artwork with something beyond currency; The workshop “Ai Ryumon Live Painting at SWFC Family Garden” children and artist paint together to create a huge picture.

It was organized for different layers of people, but also many Shanghai creative people was involved in the project.

  龍門藍 Live Painting at SWFC Family Garden

  龍門藍 Live Painting at SWFC Family Garden

Office339では、上海環球金融地中心 (Shanghai World Financial Center) 3周年記念イベントとして、2011年10月29日から11月13日までの間、下記の3つのプロジェクトを開催しました。


上海のトップ17ギャラリーによる、ハイクオリティーな展覧会「海上荟 Shanghai Gallery Selection」、誰でも参加でき、作品を手に入れるチャンスがある中国の若手アーティストによる実験的アートフェア「贝壳经济 Shell Economics」、子供たちと一緒に巨大な絵画を完成させるワークショップ「龍門藍 Live Painting at SWFC Family Garden」。


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