project - SH Contemporary 2012 

SH Contemporary 2012

 Rough Canvas

SH Contemporary 2012

Preview & Vernissage: 4pm-10pm Thursday 6th September, 2012

Duration:Sep 7th – Sep 9th (Fri-Sun) 11:00-18:00 (9th 17:00close)

Venue:上海展览中心 展台E37  上海市静安区延安中路1000号

Artists and Designers:
Abby Fitzgibbon (Body Painting)
Alexander Schramm (Agribot Series)
Fernando Moreno (Mural Drawing)
GreenHouseCore (UnLock Series)
Jun-Y Ciao (Sound Art Performance)

以Office339艺术总监鸟本健太与Azusa Kunii为管理团队,由Office339赞助的Rough Canvas参加了上海艺术博览会国际当代艺术展2012。

For Rough Canvas‘s participation in the SH Contemporary 2012, Office339 has supported as a cooperate sponsor. Additionally, our director Kenta Torimoto and Azusa Kunii have also joined Rough Canvas as management members.


鳥本健太、國井あづさがマネージメントメンバーとして、またOffice339がCooperate Sponsorとして携わるRough CanvasがSH Contemporary 2012に出展しました。