混合 - Honda 策划
HYBRID curated by Honda


日期 Duration:2014.12.05 - 2015.01.04

艺术家 Artists:六岛 Liu Dao Art Collective, 刘真辰 Liu Zhenchen, UGOITA, 2BIT+NISHIMOTO Momoko

地点 Venue:island6  上海市莫干山路50号6号楼2楼
50 Moganshan Road, building #6, 2F, Shanghai 200060

场地提供 Venue Sponsorisland6

※联合策展 Co-Curation: Office339




Curated by Honda, a major automobile company, this exhibition is a collection of various works which all of them is rooted in the theme "hybrid."  
The original meaning of hybrid is to “combine two different things” (i.e. hybrid cars are combination of a motor and an engine), and this exhibition aims to discover what the artists’ interpretation of hybrid is through their creative output.



混合这个词来源于拉丁语中「hybrida 」(=家猪和野猪繁殖下的子孙),以此大致可以知道这是一个从生物学上意义衍生出来的语言。一般是指「不同品种混合在一起的事物・组合成的事物」,又或者我们很多时候会使用「杂种」一词为其解释。






ISHII 2bit + NISHIMOTO Momoko的作品,是分别在不同的地方放置镜子和水槽而组成的数码・装置,看到的事物和被看到的事物、好像在窥探些什么但实际上自己也在被窥探,如此这般每个人信息在网络上紧密相连着的现代社会,把其中包含的阴暗部分可视化。

大约在至今100年前,意大利的诗人托马索•马利内蒂曾宣告 “汽车比萨莫特拉斯的胜利女神更美” 。这并不是针对技术和艺术之间的对比,而是对因产业革命而迅速改变着的城市景观和人们生活方式的赞美之辞。也可以说是在「速度」领域之上,对「速度之美」的称赞。




The Beauty of Hybrid

What is the first thing people think of when they hear the word “hybrid”?

Derived from the Latin word “hybrida” (referring to the offspring of a tame sow and a wild boar), the word has clearly evolved from its original biological signification. It now generally refers to “a thing made by combining or mixing two different elements,” or else explained frequently by the word “crossbreed.”

Things that encompass these meanings could be found in biology, technology, or even financial services. Today, the world is filled with hybrid things and events—take, for instance, the multifunctional smartphone we take for granted. Similarly, there must be many opportunities to recognize “hybrids” in a new way.

This exhibition is curated by Honda, a leading Japanese automobile manufacturer of hybrid cars. Yet the exhibition itself is not closely linked to cars. Instead, this exhibition proposes the concept of “hybrids” for the four groups of artists participating, in order for them to create on the basis of this concept. How should the concept be interpreted? How should it be expressed? All such decisions are made by the artists.

Skilled at using digital technology as a form of artistic expression, the Liu Dao Art Collective appears at first sight only to be making traditional two-dimensional paintings. Yet in fact, this is not the case. They deftly deploy numerous forms of artistic expression, such as sound, painting, and traditional Chinese crafts like paper-cuts, alongside modern digital technology. They even use gas and electricity to confront the intersections of various elements in real life.

Though Chinese, Liu Zhenchen, has been living in France for 14 years. Based on his own background and life experiences, the work “Ici, là-bas” is a fantastical video work that takes as the main subject different episodes of cultural misunderstanding in everyday life.

The Japanese Kansai-based art group “UGOITA” presents a playful work based on Japanese culture, including elements such as Zen rock gardens and crane origami.

The work by ISHII 2bit + NISHIMOTO Momoko places mirrors and sinks in various places. From that, they put together a digital installation where there are things looking and being looked at, as though one were spying at something but in actual fact one is also being spied at. Thus in a modern society where everyone’s information is tightly connected online, the dark and obscure parts are made visible.

About 100 years ago, the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti once declared in his Futurist manifesto: "A roaring motor car, which seems to run on machine-gun fire, is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace.” This was not for the sake of contrasting between technology and art, but rather for the praise for the urban landscape and human mode of living that have been rapidly transforming due to the Industrial Revolution. This can also be the praise for the “beauty of speed” within this domain of speed.

In 2014, in the present day, the world has become smaller thanks to the information revolution and technical innovations since the Industrial Revolution. Speed is again being accelerated, yet people will surely sense beauty there.

All works within this exhibition are the “products of combining different elements.” Yet this is not as simple as “1+1=2”; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We hope that everyone can take even greater care at the artists’ creativity being combined and fused, and at the  “The beauty of hybrid” born within.