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Francisco da Mata Artist In Residence Program   


Residency Date:  Sep 2010
Exhibition Period: 2010/09/24 – 10/24

Curator: Office339
Co-organizer: Build, Container
Support: Pro Helvetia, Canton de Neuchâtel

Venue: The Foundry Gallery  (筑造空间)
中国上海市陕西北路729弄内到底 (近康定路) 邮编200040


作为驻场艺术家项目,Office339在上海迎来了Francisco da Mata,他在上海生活一段时间并进行创作活动。
Francisco Da Mata1968年出生于葡萄牙。现以瑞士的Neuchâtel为据点从事着艺术活动。


他不光是个艺术家,还是一个战略家,时而如同玩耍游戏般地改变着作品的形态,改变着作品的表情。他的作品在描述现代规范化的理想的同时, 通过对极度没有同一性的社会的尖锐猛烈地讽刺的演绎,从中创造出个人的幻想和虚荣心。


Portugal-born, Neuchâtel (Swissland)-based Francisco da Mata has been invited in Shanghai to execute Artist In Residence Program#04 in partnership with Pro Helvetia and Canton de Neuchâtel. During the residence program, he has interacted with local people and artists, and challenged himself with a new sense of expression, which he would not be able to realize in Switzerland.

With a fierce reticence towards any kind of categorization, Fransisco da Mata’s work is multifaceted. From drawing and painting to sculpture, along with photography and installations, the artist invites us to reinterpret images and objects of our daily lives.

Although the first contact will allow for an easy and direct interpretation, gratifying our aesthetic sense, admiration is immediately replaced by the emergence of an underlying superficiality. Between fascination and repulsion, the refined pageantry rapidly gives way to a disoriented coldness, as if the artist had decided to mislead us to better reason with us.

Like a brilliant strategist gleefully relishing a game of appearances, Fransisco da Mata conceals only to better reveal. By resorting to a form of reverse psychology, the artist satirizes a canonical ideal of contemporary art, to draw from it a flippantly sharp-witted point. Through appropriation of the advertising communication model, with its litany of poisonous slogans, illusions and vanities, he uses ironic plagiarism to criticize a drifting society in search of its identity. Fransisco da Mata’s body of work is a powerful and incisive criticism of futility.


Office339 Artist In Residence Programとして、スイス在住アーティスト Francisco da Mataをに迎え入れ、 Pro Helvetia、及びCanton de Neuchâtelの協力のもと、上海での滞在制作・発表プロジェクトを行いました。