project Luxury Life Style Party 

COLOREEGO x BANK OF CHINA: “Luxury Life Style Party”

Date: Thursday, 23 August 2012, 5.00-9.00PM


Support: 上海宏贯商务咨询有限公司、CJKJ,上海拓赛广告有限公司,游艇杂志,上海新天地朗廷酒店

Venue:上海新天地朗廷酒店3F舞厅  上海市卢湾区新天地马当路99号

Office339将参展在上海新天地朗廷酒店举行的,由中国银行赞助的COLOREE GO中国银行白金卡贵宾专享派对”Luxury Life Style Party”。



Office339 is pleased to announce that we participated in the COLOREEGO x BANK OF CHINA: “Luxury Life Style Party”, arranged in partnership with Bank of China for VIP members.

During this event, with the theme of “Premium Luxury Lifestyle”, the selected guests enjoy exclusive experience featured by fine dinner, wine reception, lifestyle section, fashion show, stage performance and more.

As a part of the lifestyle section, we curated our artworks from selected artists together with an interactive live performance for charity donation by Ikumi Nagasawa.

Office339はこの度、中国銀行と提携して開催されるVIP顧客対象としたパーティー「COLOREE GO 中国銀行VIP ”Luxury Life Style Party”」に出展いたします。