Nam HyoJun

b.1987 Republic of Korea - Third generation Korean-Japanese

Nam Hyojun is a Korean artist who was born in Japan in 1987. He received a North Korean-styled education in Japan from 1990 to 2005. Since 2007 he has lived and worked in Shanghai and produced works of art with Socialist Realist subjects and style. He also has focused on the issue of creativity in East Asia. He has been shown in a number of exhibitions in China, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong with his most recent show being the solo exhibition “Prosperous North Korean Contemporary Art” at the Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai. In 2011, he curated “Shell Economics” at the Shanghai World Financial Center. With the deaths of several tyrannical leaders and the collapse of dictatorships around the world, his most recent paintings depict a filtered appearance of iconic portraits and propaganda imagery. 


1987 Born in Japan
1990 - 2005 Learn about North Korea at the Korean school in Japan
2007 – 2010 Lived in China,Shanghai
2010 Founded an art group “0000” and open gallery in Japan,Kyoto
2011 –  Came back to Shanghai to live

Selected Solo Exhibition

2010 Prosperous North Korean Contemporary Art, Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai / China)
2009 middle tension, CASHI (Tokyo / Japan)
2007 I have a dream, Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai / China)
2007 HyoJun Circuit Kyousima, Fureai Club (Tokyo / Japan)
2007 HyoJun Circuit Funabashi, Funabashi Citizen Gallery (Funabashi / Japan)
2007 HyoJun Circuit Kawaguchi, masuii R.D.R Gallery (Kawaguchi / Japan)
2007 Vessel, Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai / China)
2006 post Hyo-Jun, BankART Studio NYKgalleryB (Yokohama / Japan)
2006 anti Hyo-Jun, Kobe Art Village center (Kobe / Japan)

Selected Group Exhibition

2013 KISS THE HEART#2, Nihombashi Mitsukoshi (Tokyo / Japan)
2012 my country, ifa gallery (Shanghai / China)
2012 Warehouse Story, Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai / China)
2011 N Minutes Video Art Festival, CITIC SQUARE (Shanghai / China)
2010 Haven’t You Heard?, Contemporary by Angela Li (Hong Kong / China)
2009 Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009 UㆍSㆍB, Hangaram Art Museum (Seoul / Korea)
2009 Createinstall, Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai / China)
2009 The Youth Sale Store, M50 Creative Space (Shanghai / China)
2009 Thank You Art Day, Warren’s studio (Hong Kong / China)
2008 SUICIDE EXPOSITION 2008, Otto Mainzheim Gallery (Tokyo / Japan)
2008 GAP, Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai / China)
2008 100 degrees Fahrenheit, CASHI (Tokyo / Japan)
2008 Two and One, Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai / China)


2011 Shell Economics, Shanghai World Financial Center, 2F Event Circle (Shanghai / China)
2010 NEW VILLAGE, 0000gallery (Kyoto / Japan)
2009 SUPER ART PARTY, party (Fukushima / Japan)
2008 ZAINICHIART, The Foundry Gallery (Shanghai / China)
2007 SONAKAOSINAIDEYO, SuperDeluxe (Tokyo / Japan)