Hello I’m not here

Ash Hempsall Solo Exhibition

ash hempsall

Opening Reception: 2009/8/26 (Wed) 18:00-20:00pm
Duration 2009/8/26 – 9/15
Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 / Sat 13:00-18:00 / Sun and Public Holiday appointment only

Venue: The Foundry Gallery(筑造空间)
中国上海市陕西北路729弄内到底 (近康定路) 邮编200040


这次展览借助不同的材料 主体和形式阐述思想是状态或者某形态;与身份无关。即思想很可能是现实的转述。


Hello, I’m not here. And neither are you.

This exhibition uses a variety of media to consider the mind as a state or condition rather than as a manifest identity. The mind as paraphrase of reality.
Most of the work is made from wood and paper. In a sense, a tree is a bridge – a transformative conduit connecting earth and sky. Wood and paper seem to retain something of that connection – perhaps as a kind of solidified breath.